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  • What are the main applications of E FIRE products?
    A: Passive Use- E Fire Extinguishing Ball is mounted in areas of concern to act as a 24/7 surveillance and suppression system. Installation Examples: electrical panel, fuse box, washer/ dryer, electrical outlet, kitchen appliances, engine compartments etc. B: Active Use- E Fire Extinguishing Ball is thrown, rolled, or launched into active fire situation in an effort to extinguish or reset (knockdown) a fire. *All E Fire Extinguishing Balls comes with mounting bracket & screws for simple installation.
  • At what temperature does the E Fire Ball activate?
    Heat DOES NOT activate the E Fire Ball; The E Fire Ball only activates when it is exposed to flame.
  • Are there any temperatures where the E Fire Ball should not be used?
    We recommend storing and installing our products in areas that do not exceed -40F and +200F. Even at temperatures outside this range the E Fire Ball will not activate, but the components can begin to degrade and result in a less effective product and activation.
  • I found cheaper Extinguishing Balls Online? Why are E Fire USA products more expensive?
    Cheaper imitation and knockoff products are not produced to the standard of the E Fire Extinguishing Ball and have a high rate of malfunction and not working! We are continuously working with our legal team to take down and remove these products from the internet.
  • Can I replace my fire extinguisher with an E Fire Extinguishing Ball?
    No! The E Fire Ball is not meant to be a replacement for any of your existing fire safety and suppression tools. The E Fire Ball is meant to be an added layer of fire safety and suppression in addition to what is already required and mandated by law.
  • Is the activation process dangerous? Can I be hurt if I am close by when it activates?
    No, the activation process is not dangerous. Within 3-10 seconds of activating you will hear a loud noise which also acts as an alert system to notify you that there is an active fire situation. The E Fire Ball's polystyrene shell is lightweight and the dry chemical inside is Non-Toxic and Eco-friendly.
  • Does my E Fire Ball need to be refilled or serviced?
    No! The E Fire Ball is not pressurized and does not require any maintenance or service. Each ball is 5 year warranted (by E Fire USA) and has a shelf life of 7+ Years
  • Are E Fire USA products Certified?
    Unfortunately E Fire USA products are currently not certified by US agencies. E Fire has won multiple awards worldwide and received certifications in various other countries. Please note that Certification issues usually come up in situations where compliance codes must be met and represents only a portion of the areas of opportunity for the E Fire Extinguishing Ball.
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